"Stott's unique vocal delivery will pull you in with its simmering intensity..."
-Billy Copeland

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Incisively autobiographical, vibrantly theatrical, intensely committed, and engagingly entertaining: across an expansive prism of radiant colors Anne Stott reveals her artistry through a sparkling lens of imagination. 

After living in New York City for almost 20 years, where she sharpened her musical signature onstage in eminent venues including Kenny’s Castaways and Rockwood Music Hall, the singer-songwriter, actor, political rabble-rouser and multidisciplinary creator is now in Provincetown, MA, historic home to whalers, poets, and drag queens. She originally arrived at the artist enclave on a winter writing sabbatical from the city where she had a relationship, an apartment and a straight job – all which crashed and burned with remarkable synchronicity. 

In Provincetown, she discovered she could generate income as a singer, performing two-hour sets 60 times in a summer, in the touristy streets. “When no one gives you a stage, you have to take that space energetically,” she notes of this residency. “Even if a three-year-old drops an ice cream cone right in front of you and starts screaming, you keep playing. You get that strength on the streets.” 

Classically trained on piano before learning guitar, Anne now incorporates keyboards, a resonant acoustic six string, and a black Les Paul into the mix. Embracing pop, grunge and theatrical sensibilities, her music defies easy categorization as witnessed by SHE Magazine who proclaimed her  “…a bewitching cross between Joni Mitchell and The Pretenders front woman Chrissie Hynde.” Among her most recent single releases, “Jump Go” reveals angular edges pillowed with pop pliability. “Hey America/Stand,” takes on racial injustice with this terse summation -  “We’re in a bed of our own making/Which is why police don’t shoot white people while they’re sleeping.” 

Evolving from her indie folk full-length debut Pennsylvania, Anne recorded an experimentally enigmatic follow up, Love Never Dies, co-produced by Jon Evans, a touring and recording musician with Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan and Linda Perry among others.  Peaking at #19 on the Relix Magazine radio chart, Boston Spirit noted that “Even [Love Never Dies’] most vulnerable song turns loneliness into a life affirming anthem.” 

Anne’s songwriting is elastic, embracing elements as diverse as Indian chants, Eighties pop, and spoken word aesthetics, all while embodying the most essential characteristics of her narrative voice.  While she believes that a song should be effective with only vocals and a single instrument, her arrangements employ the sonic power of the recording studio in what she deems, “The architecture of sound. It’s all creation and play.” 

Tapping her training and experience as an actor, Anne created a one-woman show, Scorpio Blonde, a mix of songs and stories that premiered at the 2018 Afterglow Festival, and was staged in 2021 at Pilgrim House in Provincetown. Get Lost to Find Your Creativity, a lecture performance, was presented at the first-ever TEDx Provincetown. Never Washed: Scream Along with Billy, marked her film initiation as a director and producer. 

In Provincetown, Anne appreciates her creative life with a set designer and master woodworking girlfriend, a pair of kitties named Meatball and Trudy, and a home bursting with “curated clutter.” As the title of her staged presentation suggests, she has returned to the hair color she possessed as a child, albeit with a much heightened sense of theatricality. “A look isn’t superficial; it represents my love of extremes, of pushing boundaries, and of inner drama,” she concludes. “I believe that we create what’s real.”

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