CD Review: Anne Stott ~ Untitled Mind [view PDF]

Quote: "Stott lets the instruments and music shine for themselves without anything fancy worked in."

Posted on Saturday, January 07, 2006 @ 09:45:05 EST
Artist: Anne Stott
CD: Untitled Mind
Home: New York City
Style: Adult Contemporary/Pop
By Jennifer Layton

Christina Aguilera may have called her album Stripped, but she's got nothing on Anne Stott. Untitled Mind is music in its bare and rawest form. Stott lets the instruments and music shine for themselves without anything fancy worked in. Simple notes and keys accompany her natural voice through six pure tracks.

It's rare to find a singer, especially a female singer, who doesn't mind just letting her voice shine through and speak for itself. Stott may not have Mariah or Celine's huge pipes and range, but she does well with the simple natural beauty in her singing, even at times working in spoken word over her music and going close to a cappella for one track. It's a brave feat, but Stott doesn't seem to be concerned. She stays confident in her abilities. She comes across as a normal woman who believes in herself, and others should look up to her as an artist in that sense.

Although Untitled Mind may be pop, this is definitely an adult disc. The love themes on the album are not mushy teenage heartache ballads. These are mature songs portraying adult love in the 90s. Songs like "So Close" and "Baby, Can You Come Home Tonight?" are written well to show the way real love unfolds.

Stott seems to have a strong grasp of what she's capable of and what works for her. I hope on her next album she expands her writing to make the disc seem smooth, because at times she seems to be rushing herself to squeeze in all of her lyrics. It would be a shame to have her miss her chance because of something so minor.

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