Anne Stott is an indie rock singer/songwriter.
She is an actor.
A political rabble rouser.
A thought thinker and a dream dreamer.
She's a life liver. A seeker of more.
And a flawed worshipper at the altar of love.

Stott claims to be from "everywhere and nowhere", which might be why her music is a world unto itself. Her third album, LOVE NEVER DIES (2015), was called "a stunner" and played on radio stations across the country, charting at #19 on the Jambands/Relix Magazine radio chart. Co-produced by Jon Evans (Tori Amos, Sarah MacLachlan), LOVE NEVER DIES is an eclectic indie rock exploration that ranges from radio ready tracks like "We Are Here", "No Words", and "I've Known Your Name Before" to a three act chant inspired dreamscape, a spoken word rocker and a lullaby ending.

PENNSYLVANIA (2010), produced by Jack Petruzzelli (Patti Smith, Rufus Wainwright, Joan Osborne), is an album of restlessness and desire, a direct hit to the heart and mind of its listeners. The UMass Lowell Connector said, "Anne's music speaks more of...the conflicts were made of rather than the conflicts we've made."

As an actor, Stott has worked on numerous productions directed by Obie winning theater artist David Drake: Kryla in POOR SUPERMAN, Mrs Gibbs in OUR TOWN, and Jack/Ernest in THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST. She has appeared in plays across Cape Cod and in New York City, as well as in several short films. The Provincetown Banner said, "Anne Stott dazzles with pure seduction...Even with her back turned she commands the stage."

In 2018, Stott gave a TED talk at the first TEDx Provincetown, entitled Get Lost, reminding artists that one of the best thing that can happen to our creativity is being disoriented. Stott also played the Afterglow Festival, premiering her one woman show, Scorpio Blonde, which tears through her eclectic indie rock songbook and messy transcendent life musings. Stott has played hundreds of gigs in New York City, Boston and all along the east coast. She busked for five summers in Provincetown, MA playing 50-60 two hour sets to thousands of tourists from all over the world each summer, otherwise known as the Provincetown International Commercial Street Tour. Stott self-published EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT ALL OVER AGAIN, a limited edition compilation of poems, thoughts, and sketches. She hosted WORD ON THE STREET, a Provincetown TV series featuring interviews and performances with Provincetown's street performers. She produced and directed a documentary about the cult favorite high concept punk duo Scream Along with Billy entitled NEVER WASHED: SCREAM ALONG WITH BILLY. Most recently, Stott was a presenter at the first annual TEDx Provincetown.