Provincetown Community Television announces a new series, Word on the Street, hosted by Anne Stott

Word on the Street, a new Provincetown Community Television Series produced and hosted by Anne Stott, will air its first episode on Wednesday, December 12th at 6pm on channel 99 in Provincetown, MA.

Word on the Street will bring Provincetown's street performers, known as buskers, into the studio to talk about their experiences on the street and share some of their music. Anne Stott, herself a street performer, will interview the guests and also perform with them: "When Beth O'Rourke [Director of PTV] asked me to do a show, I knew that I would want it to include a creative process for me. So I came up with the idea of interviewing the other street performers in town and then playing music together."

Anne Stott has been performing on the streets of Provincetown since the summer of 2008. Bringing her own experience to the discussions, Word on the Street encourages a dialogue about an important piece of Provincetown's summer culture: Why do musicians choose to perform on the street, sometimes instead of at traditional venues? How has street performance informed their creative process? What are the challenges of busking? What are relations like between street performers and with the town as a whole? "Street performers are a vibrant part of the arts scene here in Provincetown," says PTV Director Beth O'Rourke, "PTV is delighted to add "Word on the Street" to our weekly schedule."

The first episode features an interview and performance by Grace Carney, who's been busking since the summer of 2010. Stott and Carney discuss her long history with Provincetown, beginning with family visits as a child, and perform a duet of Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again. Other confirmed guests include Ben Pegg, Brenda Evans, and Alicia Mickenburg, with more to follow.

A performance from the first episode can be seen here:
What:        Word on the Street
Who:         Hosted by Anne Stott
Where:     Provincetown Community Television, Channel 99
                   Episodes available to stream as of the day of airing at http://www.provincetowntv.org/
When:        Wednesdays at 6pm
                   Saturdays at 830pm
                   Sundays at 1030am

For more information, contact:
Anne Stott
917 549 4640

Beth O'Rourke
508 487 0648
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