Hold Me
By Anne Stott

Was he high Were you there
Did she promise Will I dare
Was he high Were you there
Did she promise Will I dare

Was he high that day when we were walking by
He smiled so sweetly it almost made me cry

Were you there I can't remember when I met you the first time
Talking to a friend and waiting in that line

Did she promise to be faithful did you promise to be true
It was always on their lips but never followed through

Will I dare you ask so smugly you assume you can guess
I wouldn't write me off I've got some tricks up this dress

Was he high were you there
Did she promise will I dare
Was he high Were you there
Did she promise Will I dare

Through the doorway through the light
Through the end and through the night
Through what's holy and through the smite
Through all sounds and through all sights

Through befores and afters too
Through my hate and your confused
Look of fear that fills the air
Through the hiding through the dare

Through what's ugly and through what's true
Through with me and through with you
Through your colors and my disdain
Through all ornaments of fame

Through my daydreams and nightmares all
Through the wild through the call
Through my thoughts you can't see
Through the mess that can't be cleaned

Through all accents through all hurt
Through the sun and through the dirt
Through what's never going to be said
Through the living Through the dead

Through another childish attempt
Through the panic and the rent
Through tomorrows not here yet
Through the laughter through the rest

Through through through and through some more
Through the unseen open door
Through all the times I lost sight
Through the last days of fallen might

I can't remember anything of where I once was
Of what it all meant or how I pulled the plug
I can't remember time or if it's come around again
I can't remember love I can't remember sin

Hold me harder hold me tight
Hold me til i can't even sigh
Hold me one more minute more
Hold me hold me hold me sore

© 2014 Anne Stott. All rights reserved.
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