Daily Reflections
Words and Music By Anne Stott

People say never let them see you sweat
Keep that chin up, hold no regrets
Me, I'm close to the bone with no map in tow
So I've got no time for puttin' on a show

People say life is short
But we're wasting so much time it hurts
Littered with the moments unharnessed
Ruled by confusion history bought, sold, and processed

People say happiness is a choice
It's hard to choose with all this noise
The merry-go-round plays its haunted tune
Click my heels wish for midnight
Keeps coming up noon

The news anchors say bad things happen
A tragedy a day makes them a living
Somehow it would all be easier to swallow
If they had just a little,
just a little less fun while they wallowed

People say it is what it is
Everyone's welcome to their own prison
Me, I'm busting out, don't know yet how
A hair's breath, a broken heart
A flash of lightening, an invisible start

© 2007 Anne Stott. All rights reserved.
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