Chaplin on the Radio
Words and music by Anne Stott

I'm watching Chaplin on the radio
The piano steals the night
I'm wandering down the highway
Hitching for my flight
I've moved on to the last heartbreak
With steady aging purpose
'Cause singing love songs in the rain
Never brought me your kiss

That piano's playing in the distance
An awkward tuneful dance
Promising of drama
Whispering romance
Out where fields are broken
And only sky remains
I watch Chaplin on the radio
My efforts all in vain

Out of the howling shadows
That echo through the speakers
Heartbreak falls on every man
It's the only truth that's clear
There's a reaching for tomorrow
That keeps the world in spin
There's a sighing from beyond
That never gets in

I'm watching Chaplin on the radio
With an eerie stolen smile
That hovers all around me
From some lost sad child
I'm watching Chaplin on the radio
'Cause I never have deciphered
Where beauty meets truth
How fire fights fire

There's a distant haunted castle
That's seen better days
I live on the third floor
Next to the used maze
I review my past mistakes
And hold myself hostage
I watch Chaplin on the radio
And criticize the costumes

© 2007 Anne Stott. All rights reserved.
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