All Things For Good
Words and Music By Anne Stott

Kenneth Lay was a preacher’s son
He learned the bible before he could run
He delivered your paper, mowed lawns after school
Climbed the top of the ladder before he was through

You know the story you’ve heard the rest
‘bout Enron and fraud and Andy and Jeff
Folks out of work rolling black outs too
Life savings gone before Enron was through

Ken swore to the court his innocence
He was just a pawn of his business associates
He lied to investors, sold his stock too
All to save Enron before it was through

The reporters they clamored to hear his statement
Microphones and lights, the six pm entertainment
Family by his side, Ken proclaimed the word:
“All things happen for good to those who love the lord.”

So the verdict, it was handed down
Guilty ten times the judge and jury found
While the court considered what sentence was due
Ken’s heart determined the case was through

Now Kenneth’s gone without paying his debt
To society his employees and pg electric
A trial of conscience must settle the score
Do all things happen for good to those who love the lord?

And we’ll never know what Ken thought of all those lives ruined
When he spoke of the lord and how he got through it
Was it good Ken lied, the workers all lost their jobs
Or did Ken just think those people didn’t love his god

For justice in future look on yourselves
See all your days and what you did sell
For a little more a little comfort a little triumph too
The lord struck down the market before he was through

© 2007 Anne Stott. All rights reserved.
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