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Anne Stott | 'untitled mind'
© 2005 Anne Stott

1. Rest Stop  | lyrics
2. C minor | lyrics
3. A Little More Work To Do | lyrics
4. So Close | lyrics
5. Untitled Mind | lyrics
6. Babe, Can You Come Home Tonight? | lyrics

Anne Stott
Vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard

Jeremy Perks
Acoustic and electric guitar

Holly Rock

Donna Kelly
Drums and Percussion
untitled mind CD liner notes

Keyboard on Rest stop
by Paul Greenwood

Produced by Anne Stott
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by
Yaron Aldema at AM Studios, New York, NY
Photos of Anne Stott by Julien Capmeil
Design by Ellen Scott

Thanks to:
Jeremy, Holly, Donna, Paul, Yaron, Terre, Gina, Julien, Ellen, Leigh, Jan, Nivin, and for everything, Teapot.

All songs by Anne Stott except A little more work to do by Anne Stott and Jeremy Perks. Untitled mind by Anne Stott, Jeremy Perks, and Paul Greenwood
Rest stop, C minor, So close, & Babe, can you come home tonight © 2005 Anne Stott. A little more work to do © 2005 Anne Stott and Jeremy Perks. Untitled mind © 2005 Anne Stott, Jeremy Perks and Paul Greenwood.

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Mostly the world is too noisy already. Noisy with sound, distraction, rationalization. To add more noise is a treacherous proposition and an ethical dilemma. How to enhance the essence without adding to the clutter? I search for the silence in every song. The moment that lifts us out of the noise to a higher vibration.

I wrote these songs because I had too. If this need has an origin, it remains undiscovered. These songs are pieces of me. The whole has always been elusive. I don't pretend that my influences are fully integrated; they move through me in unpredictable ways.

I don't want a style; I want a voice. A voice in song, a place in music, a link in the chain. My earliest memories are of music: my parents' albums on a Fisher Price record player. I can trace my life through the music I've loved: Otis, Elton, Bruce, Patti, Nina, Bob... Who will take me through the next chapter? I crave an end I can't see. If I'm lucky, my last memories will be of music as well.